Thompson Carpentry

& Maintenance


Running a business is hard enough as it is with out having to deal with all the little things that can go wrong with the building.  We provide professional maintenance to take care of all the little things to help your business keep running smoothly.  We work "on call" or with a salary/contract, depending on your businesses needs.

Commercial Maintenance

Just like everything else in life your house needs regular maintenance. We are proud to offer services to maintain your home so it stays looking new.  Whether that is power washing, changing filters and lights, changing fixtures, or taking care of plumbing.

What ever it is we are here for you to help your home stay in good shape.

Household Maintenance

We work with commercial or residential pools; salt or chlorine.  Working with a CPO (Certified Pool Operator) license we provide the best possible maintenance to keep your pool looking clean and clear.  We also repair pool and filtration systems as well as find and fix leaks.  We also paint pools.

Pool Maintenance